Josef Stalin 1924-1953

It was later Lenin and Stalin, not Witte who got the glory of the first industrialization. Later Stalin commanded his politburo members to read the “Memoirs of Witte”. According to the member of politburo Malenkov, Stalin criticized the politburo, that they neglected their theoretical studying. Malenkov started immediately to prepare a studying plan which consisted of works of Stalin. Stalin refused the plan with the words. “What kind of politburo members are not acquainted with the works of Stalin?”  “In that case what should we study”, asked Malenkov. “For example, Witte. How can anyone rule Russia not knowing Witte?” After that remark of Stalin the memoirs of  Witte were republished. Witte had a real plan of developing Russia, it was called the plan of industrialization. (Stanislav Rybas “Iosif Stalin ”Zhertvy I lishenija ne strashili ego” p. 32).